When The World Stops

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, China, Italy, America, and a lot of other countries placed lockdown restrictions on some worst infected areas to combat the spread of the virus. People quarantined themselves and stopped going out as normal, businesses stopped, in-person classes and work turned online. The world has stopped functioning properly as it used to.

While we are staying at home all day and complaining about the quarantine, there are doctors and nurses at hospitals working day and night to fight the disease. It is for sure miserable for us to put a halt in our social life and stay in all day. But when we look at how tough the situation is for doctors and nurses, we are the luckier ones.

This is Elena Pagliarini, 40 years old. She is a nurse in Cremona (Lombardy), Italy. A colleague of hers, Francesca Mangiatordi took this picture. She had already finished a 10-hour shift but continued working. Everyone at her hospital at the moment was all working extremely hard to save lives. She finally collapsed from loss of sleep.

This is Alessia Bonari, an Italian nurse. She is one of the thousands of medical staff who had bruises after using a face mask for hours. All the medical staff need to wear masks, gloves, goggles, and lab coats to protect themselves from getting infected when treating the patients.

They cannot go to the bathroom, drink, or eat for hours after they have put on the protective outfits. In some extreme conditions, they chose to wear diapers so they could save time and that one piece of protective coat because there is a lack of protective gear. Inflammation, rashes started to appear on their faces and other body parts. Yet they choose to stand their ground and combat the virus with responsibility and determination.

The nurse on the right is Chen Ying from China. She often works until 2 in the morning while her boyfriend, concerned about her health, would stay up every night and video chat with her. The picture shows the first time they met each other after 11 days apart. They shortly expressed their love through the glass door of the isolation ward before Chen went back to work.

When the world has forced a halt on people’s lives, these are the people who stood up to help others. They are the helpers of the world. Nurses, doctors, police, social workers… those are the people who are making positive changes during this hardship. Show them that we care. Show them that we are doing our part to just make the situation a little bit better by staying inside. We can get through this, together.  

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